Conflicts occur when people perceive a threat to their needs, interests or concerns.

Minimizing conflict and effectively resolving it are key to an organization's success. It can actually be viewed as an opportunity for growth through improved insight and an understanding that there are finite resources available in seeking solutions.

Visionary Vanguard Group conducts workshops that equip organizations with the skills to reduce interpersonal and intergroup conflict. Our workshops focus on communicating and listening to both sides of an issue then reframing it to take the concerns of both sides into account. Workshops are customized to meet an individual organization's needs.

Workshops are designed to assist employees and organizations in:

  • Understanding and Resolving Conflict
  • Communicating to Resolve Conflict
  • The Negotiation Process
  • Designing and Conducting Better Meetings
  • The Collaborative Problem Solving Process
  • Effectively Leading Meetings
  • How to Conduct a Visioning Process